No one was supposed to know that banker William McNary is a serial killer's son.

Until one night... the phone rang.

In an instant, the safe banker’s life William has built for his young family is torn away.

Then the killings begin.

Winner of the
Lefty Award for Best Debut Novel 2020
San Diego Book Award for Best Mystery 2020
Kops-Fetherling Phoenix Award for Best New Voice
… a powerful, poignant, chilling, and original thriller.
Criminal Element

Vonderau is a terrific writer who has written a terrific book.
—Karin Slaughter, NYT bestselling author

I was literally on the edge of my seat, goosebumps and all, waiting to find out what was going to happen.
—Booked Up Girl Blog
Carl Vonderau is a new (and very scary) voice.
—Jacquelyn Mitchard, bestselling author
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Like the protagonist in his book, Murderabilia, Carl has been a private banker and was raised in a Christian Science family. On the other hand, his father was never a serial killer. Nor did Carl’s family use Christian Science to heal his childhood illnesses—well, not most of them, anyway.  Carl ended up studying economics at Stanford. Then, in a move that didn’t exactly thrill his parents, he studied music at San Jose State University. He soon learned that he was a better banker than musician. That career enabled him to live and work in Latin America, Canada, and North Africa and to put his foot in his mouth in Spanish, French and Portuguese.

Author Carl Vonderau