Hi. If you’ve come here you get to see stuff that doesn’t fit elsewhere. Like my nonprofit work.

Sisters in Crime is an international organization of fans and writers about crime. There are more than four thousand members in 60 local chapter. I’m the president of the San Diego chapter, where we call ourselves Partners in Crime. We have monthly meetings with cool subject matter experts and writers whom we admire. We also do joint events with other chapters and publish anthologies of short stories about crime. Go to our website and join up. You get our monthly meetings, plus a newsletter, and all the access you want to events at all the Sisters in Crime chapters.

Social Venture Partners is also a national organization with chapters throughout the world. We are a nonprofit and help other nonprofits build their organizational infrastructure to reach the next level. There are more than ten thousand nonprofits in San Diego alone and we help as many of them as we can. Learn more here.

And if you haven’t gotten enough of me already, here are some of the amateur photographs I’ve taken.

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