Saving Myles

Coming August 15, 2023

Wade, a respected commercial loan officer, and his estranged wife, Fiona, make the unbearable decision to send their son to an expensive treatment center for behavioral problems. But after he returns home, the teenager sneaks off to Tijuana to score drugs and is kidnapped.

When the ransom call comes, Fiona is frantic and accepts help from André, the Quebecois whose charity Fiona runs. André is married to a Mexican woman and is a former kidnap victim himself. Wade is wary of André’s reputation and the bank he owns. But seeing no other way to secure a kidnap negotiator or the ransom, he swallows his doubts to get his son home.

Evan safely returns only to fall in love with André’s daughter. As Wade and André’s families become more enmeshed, agents from the FBI and DEA pressure Wade to bring down André’s bank and the cartel family behind it. Wade doesn’t feel in danger until his colleague is murdered in Tijuana. Now he has to do whatever it takes to save his family.

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